Looking a bit bare!

garden & ase conference 10.01.16 040

I wouldn’t usually leave my plot so empty over winter.  It is not good for soil to be left unprotected by plants during the winter months as heavy rain can leach out many of the soils nutrients.  However, the two nearest plots were until recently full of strawberry plants.  The third plot along is now mainly full of strawberry runners (with a few bearded irises planted out at one end).  The furthest plot away had been full of tulip bulbs which I have only recently got around to digging out. I had left it too late to plant anything to over winter so that plot too is empty (save for some rhubarb at one end).  However. it is exciting to have such a blank canvas!

My son brought me a book called ‘One Magic Square’ for Christmas.  It is about growing crops on a square metre of land. I have divided my beds each into four separate metre square beds and am really looking forward to trying out some of the planting plans in this book.

magic square


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