Allotment Walk

Allotments and puddles 049.JPG

Today the soil was too wet to work on so I went for a walk down the allotments instead.  I love allotments and always look out for them when I am on the train or in the car.  Many years ago Chris’ grandad and parents had an allotment on this site so I have been visiting them since I first met him.  They are a favourite place to go for a walk.

I love looking to see what crops are in the ground.  Look at those lovely brussel plants and a mat of healthy looking strawberry plants.


I should think that the netting over those splendid young cabbage plants is to keep the pigeons off.  Someone else has made bird scarers out of bottles.  However, I did not see much evidence of slugs or slug damage.

Allotments and puddles 064.JPG

Maybe it is because of the different way they arrange their crops.  There aren’t so many places to hide as in my garden with the its paths (or slug hotels as they might more properly be known).

Allotments and puddles 045.JPG

Or maybe it is becuase they don’t have a heavy clay like I do.  Look at that lovely dark brown soil; it is a rich fertile loam.

Allotments and puddles 050

I saw one plot which someone had spent ages making into small raised beds.  Maybe they will have more problems with slugs?  Look at all the lovely places for slugs to hide.  A bit like my garden.  I look forward to seeing how this plot progresses over the course of the year.  I hope that I am mistaken.

I love finding little nooks and crannies where the allotment holders have arranged all of their materials and tools so neatly.  Apart from a solitary gardener there was no one around today.

Allotments and puddles 058

There were quite a few chickens though.

Allotments and puddles 062.JPG

I love allotments!

Allotments and puddles 029.JPG

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