New Old Path

The story so far!

As you may remember two weeks ago I started giving my garden path a makeover.  On Sunday I decided to finish the job.

paths and potatoes 001

First I cut a weed suppressing mulch to size.

paths and potatoes 006.JPG

Then I put down a layer of sand so that I could bed the bricks down in it.  It was a bit complicated because I had an edge of new bricks which were on their side so at more depth than the main path.

paths and potatoes 008.JPG

I was a bit grumpy when Chris pointed out that I needed to use a straight edge to make sure that they were laid evenly.  Thank heavens no mention was made of spirit levels!!!

paths and potatoes 009.JPG

I was even grumpier when the bricks which I had arranged on the grass last time would not fit into the space!

Then the man himself came and pointed out that if I wanted a slightly curved path I would not be able to make it with rectangles butted tightly together.  Hurumph!  There he is casting an expert eye (and hand) over the project, and there he is with some sort of noisy machinery trimming some of the bricks to fit.  He also suggested that the edging was making things unnecessarily complicated and that we ditch them.  So we did.

paths and potatoes 028.JPG

And here is the finished path.  I had to import a lot of soil back to fill up the space that I had originally dug.  Doesn’t it look lovely though? (The scissors were used to cut the weed supressing membrane to size).

paths and potatoes 029.JPG

And my Valentine’s trugs?  One was used to cart top soil and one to cart sand so they have already been put to very good use indeed.

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