Over enthusiastic sowing

paper pots 001.JPG

I knew that there had to be a reason for the sports supplement!

Last year I bought myself a little paper pot maker.  It is used to turn strips of newspaper into sweet little paper plant pots.

paper pots 002

The idea is that the young plants can be grown in these biodegradable pots which can then be planted straight into the garden without any root disturbance at all.

At this time of year one is warned not to be too enthusiastic when it comes to sowing seeds.  They are likely to be ready to plant out too early in the season when it is still cold and inhospitable outside.  Looking after them indoors becomes increasingly problematic as light levels are too low and plants become forced.  Moreover, they keep growing and taking more and more space on crowded windowsills and in greenhouses.

So what have I done?  Sown seeds of course!  As well as the Rainbow Swiss Chard in paper pots I have planted sweetpeas not to mention all of the seeds that I sowed last week.  Sadly I put them in the airing cupboard but did not keep a close enough eye on them; I failed to remove them as soon as they germinated!

These poor seedlings have had the worse start in life!  They are yellow and drawn and will be very susceptable to damping off and other fungal diseases.  Fortunately I think that only some of the seeds have germinated so far. I hope the ones that were slightly slower to germinate will be a little healthier, otherwise I will have to sow some more!

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