More preparation

Helpringham light 074.JPG

500ml seaweed meal ready to be applied to half of the plot.

I’ve been continuing my preparations ready for the growing year ahead.  However, I am trying to be a bit more systematic and scientific about it than I was last time when I put everything that I had on the plot.  This time I prepared two plots.  Each was divided in two and half had no additive and the other half had either 500ml seaweed meal or 500g of growchar added.


After the product was evenly spread over the soil surface it was worked in with a rake  to ensure that it was evenly distributed into the top few inches of soil.

Helpringham light 082.JPG

Then a thick layer of compost was spread over the top of both plots.  In the foreground you can see some of the stones that were removed from the plot while this preparation was taking place.

Helpringham light 085.JPG

The two plots that I prepared this sunday on either side of the plot I prepared last week.

Lastly both plots were covered with black polythene to keep out the wet and cold so the will be read for planting out and sowing a little earlier.   This preparation means that I will now be able to make a comparrison of crops grown without additives, with the addition of seaweed meal, with the addition of growchar or the addition of both.

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