Helpringham light 080

Do you remember this big pile of soil in the middle of the lawn from when Chris was digging out the slabbed area in front of the compost heap?  Well, it has been transformed…

easter 019

Although not in the strictest sense part of the productive garden, since this bed is going to be filled with flowers to attract bees and other polinators I am including it here.  I have raked it to remove roots and stones and break up clods of soil. I added several bags of rotted manure, mainly to try and improve the texture of the soil. Chris then used a drag to create a gentle even mound.    the pattern on the surface is created by raking sand into the top layer to help me to divide the bed into even sections.  There are four thin paths to the Christmas tree stump in the centre which I plan to use as a support for sweet peas.  Yesterday I sowed each section with different mixtures of seeds which have been chosen for their desirability for bees.  I am hoping that the next few weeks will see an even bigger transformtion as the seeds germinate, grow into mature plants and eventually produce a riot of colour which will be buzzing with butterflies, bees and other insects.

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