Carrots and Toilet rolls!

planting out carrots 002.JPG

Just as I did with the parsnips I sowed some carrot seeds in toilet roll inners.  The only touble is that they do need planting out quite promptly as the roots soon appear at the bottom of the tube.

planting out carrots 005

So today I planted them out, three to a copper ring.  They look so small to be planted out.  However, so did the parsnips when they first went out and they are looking a lot more robust now.

I have even started to remove the copper rings from some of the young parsnip plants as I now need them for the carrots.  I hope that they are growing strongly enough now to be safe from slug attack although they are still rather small.

parsnips 002

In the above picture you can see young lettuce plants in the foreground with parsnips behind them .  There is also a diagnol line of freshly emerged radish seedlings, Swiss Chard seedlings in the top right hand corner and a carrot seedling in the bottom right corner.

planting out carrots 010

In the above picture you can also see the young garlic plants at the edge of each square metre.  The garlic is growing strongly now and is probably the only crop that I don’t fear being munched by hungry molluscs in the event of some warm wet weather weather in the near future!

Helpringham light 077

Here is a photograph of the same bed taken seven weeks ago on the 28th of February; what a transformation.  I wonder how it will look it seven weeks time.

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