Another Broadbean update!

more june flowers 031

broadbeans June 9th 2016

Last time I wrote about the broadbeans was about 6 weeks ago; my, what a difference those 6 weeks have made.  The beans have grown, and flowered and some of the pods are very nearly ready to be harvested.


My father eats the young beans still in the pods, so I might try that, although I might have left it a bit late with these two ….. the thought of that furry pod linings puts me off a bit!

I have interplanted the broadbeans with brassicas.  One plot has been interplanted with Kale.

broadbeans 003

redbor kale

The other plot has been interplanted with cabbage.

broadbeans 004

savoy cabbage

My plan is that the butterflies will not notice them nestled amongst the broadbeans.  Moreover, the hungry brassicas will benefit from the nitrogen provided by the roots of the broadbeans and, while they are still young, the shade from their leaves.  We will see.

more june flowers 032

view of the vegetable garden showing the squares with climbing beans and the squares with broadbeans

You may remember that the two plots of broadbeans have been treated differently as one was double dug, and the other had organic matter incorporated into the top.  So far there had been little noticeable difference between the two crops, although there was slightly more slug damage to begin with on the plot which had more organice matter on the surface.  In the picture above the plot that was double dug is furthest away.

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