Compost Progress

paths and potatoes 004.JPGAlthough Chris finished constructing the compost bins a few weeks ago they really need a slabbed area in front of them if they are to properly useable.  Moreover, we would like to make the area big enough to put our garden bench; it will be in just the right place to sit with a nice cup of tea and watch the bees!

paths and potatoes 023.JPG

So last week he begun the job of preparing the ground.  He needed to dig out the top soil to a reasonable level so that there is room for hardcore and sand on which to bed the slabs.

Helpringham light 084.JPGThis week he carried on with the job.  He was pleased when, after a while, Luke came to join him.  The amount of top soil being dug out was a little problematic.  They have already made me a couple of little hillocks which I hope will make a suitable nesting place for bumble bees.

compost heap and path 026.JPG

One of my wild flower hills.

I thought that the rest of the soil might be added to the large round flower bed that we recently made in the middle of our lawn.

We are hoping that by the time the soil is spread about it will make a nice gentle mound.

With Luke’s help the paved area was soon dug out.  The two chaps also enjoyed discussing whether it was the right depth for what it will be used for.  Then Luke had to go but Chris cut some weedproof membrane to size.

Helpringham light 089.JPG

Then he covered it with hardcore.

Helpringham light 095.JPGIt’s really starting to take shape now isn’t it!

Ta Dah!

compost heap and path 016

Today I am delighted to announce that the compost bins are finished!

compost heap and path 004.JPG

To think that when he went out this morning Chris still had a shrub to dig up, as it was growing exactly where we wanted to site the heaps.

After a busy day digging, sawing, hammering and screwing the heaps were finally complete.

compost heap and path 015

Now we need to lay some slabs in front of them ……

Watching Paint Dry

painting compost front 011

Today was a mild damp day.  The soil was too wet and heavy to stand on.  Pulling up weeds was hampered by the great clods of clay which could not be shaken from their roots.  So I painted.  Chris is making great progress with the new compost heaps and he has made fronts that can be slotted in to make moving compost much easier; he thought that the fronts would benefit from a coating of wood preserving paint to protect them.  I mixed my own colour by combining two colours and got painting.  The only trouble is that it was such a damp day that I am not sure how long the paint will take to dry!